Elephant Rides

Every day at 7am and 4pm it is possible to have a one hour elephant ride through the park. It is possible to cover a good distance in this time and is an excellent way to see wild elephant, rhino and occasionally the tigers. Even if you don't see tigers you will hear the alarm calls of the Langur monkeys when they are in the area. The mahouts often bring the baby elephants as well as their mothers to help get them used to people and there are some excellent photo opportunities. Each elephant normally carries 2 people although 4 people can fit on one elephant.

The Elephant rides start from about 5 minutes walk away from Mr B's Place and cost 1500 rs per person. The elephant hire costs 1000 rs and there is a 500 rs park entrance fee per day. If you chose to enter the park for a nature walk or other activity after the elephant ride then you will not have to pay the entrance fee again that day.

Elephant Rehabilitation Centre

Just 45 minutes walk from Mr B's Place there is an Elephant Rehabilitation Centre with about 20 elephants who have either been rescued from private owners, orphaned by poachers or sent to Bardia by other wildlife agencies. Each day the mahouts take the elephants into the park to forage for food and it is possible to view them washing and crossing the rivers for free.

If you want a closer look you can go the the centre and for a 50 Rupees donation you can spend as long as you want watching them there. The best time for this is in the late afternoon as the elephants return from their feeding. The mahouts and centre staff will encourage you to feed the babies who are very confident and playful.

We can tell you how to get there independently or you can use one of our children to show you the way.