Why Bardia?

Bardia is very different to other parks in Nepal, the pace of life here is slow, relaxed and peaceful, and despite a few touts near the main road in Ambassa it is much less commercial than other parts of Nepal. Thakurdwara still feels pretty much like it did 25 years ago.

Since the introduction of electricity in 2003, people now have TV's, although the small NGO funded internet café is still in a traditional mud construction hut, and most of the electricity is only used for lighting.

There are many things to do, many of them cost no money at all and trekking in the park is affordable and quiet. You are unlikely to see any other tourists and have an excellent chance of tracking and seeing elephant and rhino as well as many types of deer and hundreds of birds. Depending on the season, you also have a good chance of seeing the elusive Tiger, an animal who's footprints you will see everywhere but that is so well camouflaged it can be almost impossible to see.

We would encourage you to wander around the village(s) and explore, visit some of the other lodges for meals and enjoy your experience here. The village people are very friendly and welcoming and there are many independent walks that we can advise you on.

One of the simple food stalls in Thakudwara

Other reasons to come to Bardia:

  • If you are coming or going to Himachal Pradesh or Uttaranchal in India via the western-most border post at Mahendrenagar (only 140km away), then Bardia makes an ideal place to have a rest.
  • If you are rafting on the Karnali the trip will finish at Chisapani which is only 28km from our hotel. Ring us and we can come and get you.
  • If you're getting cold anywhere in Nepal, especially in December, January and February then come down to the Terai. At only 270m above sea level it is a lot warmer and this is also an excellent time to see tigers as all the grass has been cut.
  • If you've been overwhelmed by the noise and smells of India then head north to Bardia for some peace and quiet.
  • If you fancy trekking in the less visited western most areas of Nepal such as Dolpo, Khaptad, Rara Lake or Humla (plus others) then Bardia is an excellent place to start many treks or unwind from your trek when you have finished.
  • If you're sick of the commercialisation of some areas of Nepal, then come and stay immediately.

People sitting chatting in Thakudwara

Taking a bike ride around the area just outside the park

The road towards Thakudwara village

Looking across towards India from the southern end of the park