Village Homestay

We can organise a stay in a local Tharu home if you are really interested in the Tharu culture and this can be a unique experience. All our family speak the local language and can help with translation and explaining things that you want to know.

You will find that the Tharu are as interested in you as you are in them.

Community Service

For school groups or interested parties we can help you organise service to the local community, which might include making wells, helping at the local schools, building work, studying the ground water, building toilets......etc

Please contact us through the kontactr form if you are interested in this activity or have any specific ideas that you would like to organise. We will let you know what is possible.

We can also organise activities for International Baccalaureate Students who need to do CAS for their qualifications and we have previous experience of school groups and summer camp groups as well as a one 'Brat Camp' group that came last year.

Village Walks and Tours

The local village of Thakurdwara and all the smaller villages in the area can be visited just by walking around on your own. You will find everyone very friendly and many of the children will be desperate to practice their English with you. Thakurdwara is about 10 minutes walk from our camp and has a small internet cafe with 5 computers. The connection isn't the fastest but it is easily possible to check your email.

There are also many small stalls selling Pakora, Samosas, Tea and soft drinks.You can also get your hair cut or get a shave. Kali or any of our children can show you around some of the smaller villages near our camp and you can also see inside some of the Tharu homes. This will help you get an insight into how people live in this area, their farming practices and the kinds of domestic animals that people keep. It is also possible to cycle around or just relax and enjoy watching family life.

Cultural Dance

It is possible to organise a cultural dance by the local Tharu people and is a very popular activity for groups. You will have the opportunity to take photographs of everyone in their traditional dress.

There is a fixed charge of 1500 Rupees for any size group and it lasts for a couple of hours.