Fishing at Bardia National Park

There are plenty of fish in the local rivers and it is possible to arrange inexpensive fishing in other areas on the Karnali River There are many different species of fish living in the river and we can guide you to some of the best fishing spots in the area.

It is very cheap cost for fishing in this areas because we don't need any special permits and equipment and park guards.

This is a full day activity and costs 1600 Rupees which includes park entrance, fishing permits, a guide for the day and all necessary food.

Please contact us for more details about this activity.

Day-trip fishing on the Geruwa river

You go to the fishing area in the river by raft or walk for whole day fishing and come back to the resort in the evening of the same day

  • Wake up 5.50 am
  • Breakfast 6am
  • One hour drive to Karnali river
  • Raft starting 8am and fishing until to 6pm
  • Back to resort 6.30 am
  • Dinner 7.30pm
  • Information about fishing or wildlife 8.30pm

$165 for a single person, $220 for two people and $320 for three people.

Day-trip fishing on the Babai river near Jagatighat

There is the same itinerary as for the Geruwa river but it is more expensive because of the conservation permit.

$185 per person, $260 for two people and $380 for three people.

Fishing in the Babai Valley

The Babai Valley

This area has only been open to tourists for a few years and was badly affected by the conflict. Since peace returned the wildlife population has been increasing and there are now tigers, wild elephants, leopards, sloth bears, deer and many species of birds including some of the rarest birds in the world.

'B' grew up in the area and has many stories to tell about it and is happy to share with you his experiences. The Babai valley is in his heart and he loves to take nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts to observe the amazing wild animals that are easily encountered while walking and fishing.

Fishing in the Babai Valley

There are two ways to get to the Babai valley which are different depending on the time of year, although it is open all year round. The rest of the year it is not good for fishing because of the monsoon.

September to November

Rafting from Chepang to Parewaodar (4 nights/5 days) inside the national park.

December to May

Five hours drive to Sivapuri through the national park ( 2 night/3 days)

Fish you might catch include: Golden Mahasheer, Copper Mahasheer, Snake headed-fish, Cat fish, - Mahasheer, Singhe cat fish, Buhari fish (local name), River barb, Sucker head etc.

Babai River Fishing Itinerary

Geruwa River

The Geruwa River is a branch of the Karnali River inside the National Park. Basically we use the raft and camp for this fishing tour. It starts from Chisapani and ends up Manaughhat.

Any fishing is inside the National Park but the camping is in the jungle along the river side which is outside of the National Park on the boundary. There is also a chance to encounter with the wild animals as well.

Geruwa River Fishing Itinerary