Crocodile Breeding Centre

Just five minutes walk from Bardia Hideaway Cottage there is a Crocodile Breeding Centre run by the Park Authorities. For a 30 Rupee donation you can spend as long as you want observing the Gharial and Marsh Mugger Crocodiles that are being bred here for eventual release into the park

This is an ideal activity to do in the morning before you go to see the wild ones living on the Babai river.

Crocodile Watching in Bardia

It is possible to go and watch crocodiles in a couple of places near Bardia. There are two species of crocodile in the area, the Gharial Crocodile and the Marsh Mugger Crocodile.

We can take you to see them in a great place not far from the road on the Babai River about 30km from Thakurdwara. This can be done as a whole day trip or the Babai river crocodiles can be combined with a trip to the Black Buck reserve near the Indian border.