Geruwa River

The Geruwa River is a branch of the Karnali River inside the National Park. Basically we use the raft and camp for this fishing tour. It starts from Chisapani and ends up Manaughhat.

Any fishing is inside the National Park but the camping is in the jungle along the river side which is outside of the National Park on the boundary. There is also a chance to encounter with the wild animals as well. 

3 Day Trip Itinerary

Day 0
Arrive in Bardia and introduction of the national park with fishing information.
Enjoying in sightseeing around the park and the beautiful villages
Preparing for the next day special fishing expedition
Fishing and wildlife information
Dinner 7.30pm
Day 1
Fishing expedition in Geruwa river by Rafting ( CAMP )
Woke up 5.30am
Breakfast 6am (at resort)
Drive to Karnali river (5 hrs) from the resort.
Camping along the river bank outside the national park.
Rafting 8am and fishing after one hour raft
Enjoying the beautiful fishing surrounding the wildlife movement.
Lunch in 12noon.
Fishing whole day as you want.
Relaxing and enjoying in the camping 6.30pm
Dinner will be serve 7.30pm
Fishing and wildlife information 8.30pm
Day 2
Fishing in between Gola and Manaughhat (CAMP )
Woke up 5.30am
Breakfast 6.30am
Fishing as long as you want.
Lunch will be serve in your fishing sport 12pm
Whole day fishing as long you want.
Relaxing and feel wildlife and beautiful habitats of wild animals
Dinner 8pm and fishing and wildlife information 8.30pm
Day 3
Fishing and wildlife viewing , walk and drive (resort)
Woke up 5am
Breakfast 6.30am
Fishing as long you want before the sun set.
Lunch will be serve in fishing sport 12pm.
Crossed the river to outside
Get fresh and relaxing in the garden with the candle light.
Sharing fishing and wildlife experienced in any time.
Dinner 8pm
Wildlife information or any subject before go to the bed please.
It costs $400 for a single person, $720 for two people and $1015 for three people. The price becomes less as the number of the group size increases.

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