Fishing in the Babai Valley

The Babai Valley

This area has only been open to tourists for a few years and was badly affected by the conflict. Since peace returned the wildlife population has been increasing and there are now tigers, wild elephants, leopards, sloth bears, deer and many species of birds including some of the rarest birds in the world.

'B' grew up in the area and has many stories to tell about it and is happy to share with you his experiences. The Babai valley is in his heart and he loves to take nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts to observe the amazing wild animals that are easily encountered while walking and fishing. 

Fishing in the Babai Valley
There are two ways to get to the Babai valley which are different depending on the time of year, although it is open all year round. The rest of the year it is not good for fishing because of the monsoon.
September to November 
Rafting from Chepang to Parewaodar (4 nights/5 days) inside the national park.  
December to May
Five hours drive to Sivapuri through the national park ( 2 night/3 days)

Fish you might catch include: Golden Mahasheer, Copper Mahasheer, Snake headed-fish, Cat fish,  -  Mahasheer, Singhe cat fish, Buhari fish (local name), River barb, Sucker head etc.

A possible itinerary would be:

Day 0
Arrive in Bardia and get an introduction to the national park with fishing information.
Enjoying sightseeing around the park and the beautiful villages
Preparing for the next day special fishing expedition
Fishing and wildlife information 7pm
Dinner 7.30pm
Day 1
Fishing expedition in Babai valley, Sivapuri, walk (CAMP)
Wake up 5.30am, Breakfast 6am at resort
Drive to Sivapuri (5 hrs) from the resort.
Camping along the river bank inside national park (near the fishing spot) 1pm
Enjoying the beautiful fishing surrounded by the wildlife.
Tea/coffee will be served any time
Relaxing and enjoying the camping 6.30pm
Dinner will be served 7.30pm
Fishing and wildlife information 8.30pm
Day 2
Fishing and wildlife viewing, Kalinara, walk (CAMP)
Wake up at 5am
Tiger tracking and tiger tracking 5am to 6am (gentle walk).
Breakfast 6.30am
Fishing as long as you want.
Lunch will be serve in your fishing sport 12pm
Just tea, coffee and light food in the day.
Relaxing and feel wildlife and beautiful habitats of wild animals
Dinner and fishing and wildlife information 8.30pm
Day 3
Fishing and wildlife viewing, walk and drive (resort)
Wake up 5am
Wild animal tracking 5am to 6am if you want.
Breakfast 6.30am
Fishing as long you want before the sun sets.
Lunch will be serve in fishing spot 12pm.
Light food will be serve in any time in the day.
Arrive in Parewaodar (as long as you leave after lunch)
One hour drive to resort.
Get fresh and relaxing in the garden with the candle light.
Sharing fishing and wildlife experienced in any time.
Wildlife information or any subject before go to the bed please.

This would include the following:
  1. Special Park permits ( only for Babai valley ) during the period.
  2. Normal Park permits during the period.
  3. Fishing permits during the period.
  4. Camping equipments during the period.
  5. 3 times meal a day and tea / coffee during the period.
  6. Transportation and it is permit ( inside park ) during the period.
  7. Expert jungle guides with fishing knowledge as well during. 
  8. Porters as our needs
  9. Transportation.
  10. One special park guard will provide by the national park office and his per day fee also including ( Babai valley) during the period.
  11. 13% Vat
The cost of this trip would be $1200 for ONE person, $2100 for TWO people and $2750 for THREE. The cost is very much dependent on the group size.

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