Day Trip Fishing

Itinerary for day-trip fishing on the Geruwa river
You go to the fishing area in the river by raft or walk for whole day fishing and come back to the resort in the evening of the same day.
·         wake up 5.50 am
·         Breakfast 6am
·         One hour drive to Karnali river
·         Raft starting 8am and fishing until to 6pm
·         Back to resort 6.30 am
·         Dinner 7.30pm
·         Information about fishing or wildlife 8.30pm   
$165 for a single person, $220 for two people and $320 for three people.

Itinerary for day-trip fishing on the Babai river near Jagatighat 
There is the same itinerary as for the Geruwa river but it is more expensive because of the conservation permit.

$185 per person, $260 for two people and $380 for three people.                   


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