Wildlife Walk / Jungle Trek at Bardia National Park

This is one of the highlights of Bardia and it is possible to see wild elephants, the Asian one-horned rhinoceros, and if you are lucky even catch a glimpse of a tiger. We know a lot about the habits of these creatures and can take you to the most likely places to observe them.

At different times of the year your chances vary. In December the park is opened for a few days so that local people can cut the tall grass to use for the roofs of their houses, and in March/April much of the vegetation is burned back in a controlled manner creating an excellent opportunity to see wildlife.The park contains an estimated 53 species of mammal and you should be able to see a few species of monkey as well as swamp deer, black buck and blue bull antelope in the thick cover of Sal, Savannah forest and grassland. There are also many reptiles including snakes and lizards.

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