Nature's Way in Bardia National Park

Our old camp was called 'Nature's Way' and we ran it for about 10 years. It was very simple and beautiful and really reflected our philosophy about nature.

During the conflict we had very few guests and it was impossible to continue to rent the land from the landlord. We had to remove all the materials used in building the camp and leave it. We have used the materials to build our new camp, so they didn't go to waste. There is still a little bit of Nature's Way in Mr B's Place!!

Our name 'Nature's Way' was registered by another hotel owner with the government last year so we lost our name as well.

We have many fantastic memories of Nature's Way but we now own our own land and feel more secure with Mr B's Place which is in an ideal position right by the park entrance.

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  1. Hi Mr B,

    I stayed in your place in 2005; it was still the old camp.

    I still remember the ride we talk on your motor bike crossing the butterflies carpets on road.

    I am happy to see you are still there and hopefully we can meet again in the future.

    Take care and I miss Nepal a lot and I am hope everything will be ok during these hard times,
    Tamir (from Israel)