General Info about trekking in Jumla (Humla), Rara, Mugu and Khaptad

October 2011 Trek Rara and Khaptad
We have trekking qualifications issued by the Nepalese government that allow us to guide up to a maximum altitude of 5000m although we are allowed to take people over a pass to sleep at lower altitudes. We have loads of experience of organising and guiding treks in some of the more remote areas of Nepal.
During the conflict this was one of the few ways for us to make a living. Many of these places are rarely visited and offer an experience that you will not get with the more commercial areas of Nepal such as Langtang, Annapurna or the Everest region. Many people still wear full traditional dress and are as fascinated to see you as you will be to see them.

Having B, Resham or Kali with you means that you also have a qualified wildlife guide with you as well and you can combine these treks with birdwatching if you wish.

Bardia is an ideal place to start many of these treks, or you can easily fly from Nepalganj to closer to Rara, Humla, Khaptad, Dolpo or Dolpu (Mugu). Our longer treks often start from here and the shorter ones involve a flight to the starting point and sometimes even a flight back out to reduce the time still further.

Here are some example treks and prices although we can organise different length treks depending on the time you have available:

4 days – Telpani to Chisapani
All inclusive trek including guide, porters, cook and accommodation:

10 days – Khaptad National Park
All inclusive trek including permits, guide, cook, porters and all accommodation:

30 days – Jumla (Humla), Rara or Mugu 
All inclusive trek including flights, permits, guide, cook, porters and all accommodation:
$1500 Person

For all areas we can organise shorter treks ranging between 3 and 10 days by flying in and out of the area. These prices are approximate prices for groups of 2. For larger groups we can reduce the prices a little. If you fly out of the area then costs will be a little higher.
You will find that our prices are extremely competitive and you should read the Testimonials to see what our customers thought of our service.

Please contact us through the Kontaktr form at the top right if you would like to organise anything different or have ideas of your own. We will see what we can do.

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