Costs at Bardia National Park

Room Costs

Type of room

Cost ( Nepali Rupees)

Modern 2 bed with attached bathroom
600 R
Modern Tharu Style with attached bathroom
350 R
Room in our house with external bathroom

Activity Costs


Time Needed

Cost (Nepali Rupees)

Nature Walk
Full or Half Day
650 R (400R)
Camping in Jungle
1 Night / 2 Days
3000 R + Equipment rental
Wildlife Rafting
Full Day
Table of Prices
Elephant Ride
1 Hour
1500 R
Jeep Drive
Full Day
Table of Prices
Full Day
1600 R
Full Day
900 R
Black Buck Reserve
Full Day
900 R
Crocodile Watching
Full Day
900 R
Canoeing (Dug Out)
1 Hour
300 R
Full Day
900 R
Wildlife Research
Full Day
1200 R
Elephant Rehabilitation Centre
3 Hours
50 R donation
Crocodile Breeding Centre
1 Hour
30 R donation
Village Tour
Any time you want
Community Work
To be arranged
Culture Dance
2 hours
1500 R any group size

Every day inside the park also needs a park entry fee of 500 Rupees.

Children under 10 don't pay to enter the park.

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